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29 Nov Paradise is made of salt

Paradise is made of salt. It has pink washed flamingos with long wings tipped in black. It is covered by marshland, Mediterranean hot climate bearing vegetation, shallow pools of clear seawater and a network of loam paths that lead you till nowhere. There's a vastness composed of silence and raw gemstone colours. Your eyes plunge into the milky rose alabaster and the fire-ignited...

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07 Nov A lady called Barberina

Hidden in a piece of land called Grave di Stecca in Valdobbiadene, Northen Italy, surrounded by a vineyard, lies a small gem, a XVIII century villa named Barberina. From the road you almost can't see it, but as you approach its gateway the house gives you a glimpse of its magnificence. The big steelwork gate opens and invites you to drive through the gravel...

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Water scape projected on a table

23 Sep Kaiseki, the genius of Rosanjin Kitâoji

Is it possible to be touched by beauty when looking at a rectangular flat table immersed in a shaded ambience? So deeply that your arms get the chills and the hairs on your neck get bristled? I'm at Musée Guimet in Paris, at the temporary exhibition dedicated to one of Japan's iconic figures, Rosanjin Kitaôji, experiencing House of Light, the installation...

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01 Sep Chez des amis

Paris. It's unusually hot. Even for July. The sun hits you with fervour and you feel unable to breathe inside every muffled city bus. It's now six o'clock in the afternoon and we're walking towards the watery veins that cut through the bohemian chic body of this iconic city - first Canal Saint-Martin, once constructed under the orders of Napoleon to...

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10 Aug The convenience of the singular

What will the local markets be like in a few decades? Or even in a few years? Will the neighbourhood little markets, aimed at specific niches, sprout and flourish in order to serve the concerns and tastes of those who only wish to buy tomatoes that smell and taste like real tomatoes from the garden, apples that are not unrealistic...

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21 Jul Hello Valdobbiadene!

RUSTICO, MINERAL LIKE THE BRIGHT SUN  "Golden, persistent and crisp. Endured by three generations of wine producers from Valdobbiadene, in the Venetian region of time-honoured Italy, and protected by the sparkling ice formations of the Dolomites. This is how I envision Nino Franco Rustico: a mineral and sunny treasured Prosecco wine, enlivened by the ancestral fruity flavours of the Glera grapes and...

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Group of people having a picnic under a tree and an orange Renault 4L

30 Jun Celebrating southward migration

Most people think of Alentejo as a harsh, rotund desert. Where temperatures rise way above the 40oC on a mid-summer day and the ground itself has nothing to offer except dust and rock solid earth. What they can't see is that this land is one of generosity, one of grandeur in everything that it owns, one that gives all that it...

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