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People gathering on the beach eating marshmallows

01 Jul The art of ‘marshmellowing’

I thought it was a myth. A romantic pairing we only got to see in the American movies. A conductor's gesture surrounded by voices whispering, the unfolding of night's theatrical curtain and the pitch-black restlessness of the sea. All mellowed by the moon coloured grains of sand. What am I talking about? Marshmallows and beach fires. Yes! They do exist and...

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01 Jan The (is)land of contemplation

São Jorge, Azores. The (is)land of contemplation. Everything here has its own pace, its very own restrained inner rhythm. If someone tells you that you're five minutes from reaching your goal, don't believe it: multiply that number by another five. Time on this island just stands still. Like the steep hills that always look down on you from one side, indelible giants, Jurassic looking, that...

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01 Sep Chez des amis

Paris. It's unusually hot. Even for July. The sun hits you with fervour and you feel unable to breathe inside every muffled city bus. It's now six o'clock in the afternoon and we're walking towards the watery veins that cut through the bohemian chic body of this iconic city - first Canal Saint-Martin, once constructed under the orders of Napoleon to...

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