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Water scape projected on a table

23 Sep Kaiseki, the genius of Rosanjin Kitâoji

Is it possible to be touched by beauty when looking at a rectangular flat table immersed in a shaded ambience? So deeply that your arms get the chills and the hairs on your neck get bristled? I'm at Musée Guimet in Paris, at the temporary exhibition dedicated to one of Japan's iconic figures, Rosanjin Kitaôji, experiencing House of Light, the installation...

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18 May From Plate to Page, from Food to Friendship

Friendships are unexpected events. Like forgotten sweet treats you find in your pockets or hot chilli flavour twisted in your raspberry jam. This weekend we got the proof of that. At Plate to Page Food Photography and Writing Workshop, held in Ireland. Between lines written and pictures conquered to harsh rain, curious people from across the globe, literally, warmed our hearts as...

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